Ongoing Hypothesis DevelopmentΒΆ

Hypothesis releases and development are managed by me, David R. MacIver. I am the primary author of Hypothesis.

However, I no longer do unpaid feature development on Hypothesis. My roles as leader of the project are:

  1. Helping other people do feature development on Hypothesis
  2. Fixing bugs and other code health issues
  3. Improving documentation
  4. General release management work
  5. Planning the general roadmap of the project
  6. Doing sponsored development on tasks that are too large or in depth for other people to take on

So all new features must either be sponsored or implemented by someone else. That being said, I take a fairly active role in shepherding pull requests and helping people write a new feature (see the contributing guidelines for details and this pull request for an example of how the process goes). This isn’t “patches welcome”, it’s “I will help you write a patch”.

All enhancement tickets on github are tagged with either help-wanted if I think they’re viable for someone else to pick up or for-a-modest-fee if I think they are not and that if you want them you should probably talk to me about paid development.

You are of course entirely welcome to ask for paid development on something that is marked help-wanted, or indeed to try to tackle something marked for-a-modest-fee yourself if you’re feeling ambitious. These labels are very much intended as guidelines rather than rules.